The Company

Cones® are empty conic shaped wrappers made from cigarette paper and integrated cardboard filter.Not only can these be applied in our machines and equipments, but they can also be filled manually.It is for this very same reason that both manufacturers and private individuals find our conical pre-rolled cigarette papers interesting.

Vandenberg Special Products offers machines and equipments for the production of large and small quantities of pre-rolleds. A perfect presentation of your “ready-to-go” product is subsequently the next logical step. To continue this professional line you can take your pick from our extensive collection of packaging. Not only do we have scores of standard items but at your request also custom made designs. We have an individual packaging line for seeds. All our packaging lines have a patented and extremely user-friendly packaging system.


Our collection consists of:

• Cones® Pre-rolled papers 

• Production equipment

• Packaging for Seed Packs

• Tobacco Products

• Mountain High® Shisha Steam Stones