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Joint makers and seed counters

We provide various machines and handheld equipment for filling Cones® and counting seeds. Our solutions are suited for both small and large scale production environments. With the proper equipment, you can work more quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately. For example, check out our advanced Mach 6®. With unparalleled production capacity that can fill up to 216 Cones® in two minutes, you will save a great deal of time. The machine also yields a compact, even filling for the perfect taste sensation.

Filling machines for Pre-rolled Cones

Filling Cones is a breeze with our advanced filling equipment.

Seed Counters

We supply Seed Counters for seed counting and packaging filling.

Filling machines for Pre-rolled Cones

A perfectly filled Cones® in no time.

With our advanced filling equipment, filling Cones® is a piece of cake. We provide various types of equipment for both automatic and manual Cones® filling.

Mach 6® filling machine

For large-scale production environments, we offer the professional Mach 6®. The device consists of a rotating platform where you can place up to six filling units at a time. The filling units are available for the following Cones® sizes: King Size, and King Size Deluxe. Depending on the number of filling units used, the machine produces 2,000 to 10,000 pre-rolled joints per day. Furthermore, the Mach 6® guarantees a compact, even fill.

Vibrations® filling machine

Another alternative is the special Vibrations® table in conjunction with the filling units from the Vibration® line. For every size of pre-rolled cone, there is a specific filling unit available. Depending on the unit, up to 19 (Super Sized) to 121 (Small) pre-filled cones can be produced. The vibrations allow the blend to be evenly distributed. Vibrations® is characterised by its compact design.

Manual filling systems

For smaller production environments or home use, we offer various manual filling systems. The filling units from the Vibrations® are perfect for individual use when filling Pre-rolled Cones® manually. We also provide a special handheld filling unit for 36 pieces, which has a practical handle. The Coolbox® provides a great solution for manually filling a large number of units. With the Coolbox®, you can fill 120 Cones® at once. The Coolbox® is available for Small 1/4 and King Size Cones®.

We offer the right filling machine for every situation and every production size. We would be happy to recommend the most efficient selection for your production environment to you.

Seed Counters

Automatic seed counters

We sell the Seed Counter for counting seeds and filling packages. The classic Seed Counter is suitable for (medium-)large processing numbers. The compact design is extremely well suited for on-site counting. This performance-enhancing machines is known for its accurate seed counting. Despite this, the Seed Counter may sometimes count flakes. That is why it is important to clean the seeds properly in advance.

Inspection and security

The demand for accurate Seed Counters is increasing proportionately with cannabis seed sales. Seed farmers, banks, and sellers are guaranteed accurate seed counting with the Seed Counter. Not to mention that the Seed Counter also provides the perfect inspection measure for the purchasing department.

Counting and packing seeds

For quick and precise seed packing, the classic Seed Counter is available in conjunction with a practical packing unit. The special Counter Carousel can fill ten packing units per rotation, which makes for substantially higher production capacity when compared to manually counting and filling. Pouches, blister packages, or tubes can be connected to the machine. You simply set the machine to the desired number of seeds per packing unit. It is perfect for rapidly processing a large number of seeds. However, it even works well for packing smaller quantities, such as for consumer sale.

Pre-rolled Cones®

Van 1 tot 1.000 Cones®

Our premium Cones are available in various sizes and packaging units. We provide for both retail, including coffee shops and (online) head shops, and distribution services.

Consumer packaging

We offer a broad range of small packaging, tailored to the needs of the end user. The assortment consists of various paper packs (conical packaging) and blister packs. The number of Cones per small package varies from 1 to 64 pieces. The conical packages are made of firm paper and are also resealable. Another popular consumer package is the crystal-clear blister pack. Both paper packs and blister packs are available in three official Cone types: Original, Natural, and Bio Organic Hemp. You can also choose your own customized print.

Pre-rolled Cones® displays

Cones is the number 1 brand of pre-rolled cones and that deserves to be seen. Opt for a striking Cones presentation with our special, retail-ready displays. The stylish packaging design increases the attention-grabbing quality of the brand. The maximum potential of the Cones is realised when they are on displays. The displays are available in three official Cone types: Original, Natural, and Bio Organic Hemp. Custom printing is also an option. The displays will be filled before they are delivered and are ready for the shop once they arrive. That spares you a lot of the inconvenience of unpacking.

Bulk packaging

For large-scale users, the Cones are provided in firm, stylish cardboard boxes. The number of Cones per large package varies from 32 or 64 pieces (bulk mini) to 1,000 pieces. The boxes are resealable. The bulk mini boxes are also intended as consumer packaging for the “fanatical smoker”. The boxes can also be printed entirely according to your needs as a part of your own private label.