Packaging Solutions

Cones® and seed packages

A good product deserves good presentation. MountainHigh® specializes in customized packaging solutions for (filled) Pre-rolled Cones® and seeds. Our assortment consists of high-quality large packages, retail packages, and consumer packages. From cardboard bulk packages and displays to blister packages, we always have the package you need. Pre-rolled Cones® en zaden. Ons assortiment bestaat uit hoogwaardige grootverpakkingen, retail-verpakkingen en consumentenverpakkingen. Van kartonnen bulkverpakkingen en displays tot blisterverpakkingen, wij hebben altijd een verpakking die past.

Retail and bulk packages

For retail, we provide various presentation methods and consumer packages, including Pre-rolled Cones® displays, blister packs, and paper packs. For the large-scale production of pre-rolled joints, we also provide bulk cardboard boxes. Our packages guarantee a stunning presentation and maximum product protection.

Specialist in printed packaging

Our standard packagings are available in various, amazing, full-colour designs. Of course, you can also choose your own design, such as a private label. With a custom printed package, your products will catch even more eyes. Would you rather a package that was more discreet? We offer options like these as well. We would be happy to recommend a packaging solution to you that suits your formula. Get inspired by our creative solutions and make an appointment. Our design team is here to help.

Pre-rolled Cones®

From 1 to 1,000 Cones® Our premium Cones® are available in various sizes and packaging units...

Joint Packagings

You can pack pre-rolled filled Cones® in no time with our smart 'Do It Yourself' packaging...