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Seed Packaging

Optimum protection and presentation

With the right seed packaging, you will bring your business to a higher level. Good packaging draws the attention of the consumer (more sales) and protects the product from damage (less loss costs). With our seed packaging, you'll be knocking it out of the park. Each and every time. Guaranteed.

High quality packaging

Valuable seeds deserve exceptional packaging. For this reason, we have developed a special high-quality blister pack. These blisters are made of sturdy polypropylene, which provides the seeds with maximum protection against factors like moisture and being crushed. The seed packaging is delivered flat, including individual blisters.

Cold seal technology

The seed packages feature cold-seal adhesive technology. Tools such as hand rollers can be used to activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The package will be completely sealed. Thanks to the extremely strong adhesive layer, the packaging cannot be opened without visible damage. This prevents fraud. We have developed various sealing tools for closing the seed packages, including a hand roller and the innovative Jiggle Roller.

Custom-made seed packaging

Nearly all of our seed packaging is specially made. We specialize in the design and production of custom-made seed packaging. These vary from striking, full-colour prints to unique shapes or unusual sizes. We are eager to brainstorm with you about a distinct packaging design.

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Pre-rolled Cones®

Van 1 tot 1.000 Cones®

Our premium Cones are available in various sizes and packaging units. We provide for both retail, including coffee shops and (online) head shops, and distribution services.

Consumer packaging

We offer a broad range of small packaging, tailored to the needs of the end user. The assortment consists of various paper packs (conical packaging) and blister packs. The number of Cones per small package varies from 1 to 64 pieces. The conical packages are made of firm paper and are also resealable. Another popular consumer package is the crystal-clear blister pack. Both paper packs and blister packs are available in three official Cone types: Original, Natural, and Bio Organic Hemp. You can also choose your own customized print.

Pre-rolled Cones® displays

Cones is the number 1 brand of pre-rolled cones and that deserves to be seen. Opt for a striking Cones presentation with our special, retail-ready displays. The stylish packaging design increases the attention-grabbing quality of the brand. The maximum potential of the Cones is realised when they are on displays. The displays are available in three official Cone types: Original, Natural, and Bio Organic Hemp. Custom printing is also an option. The displays will be filled before they are delivered and are ready for the shop once they arrive. That spares you a lot of the inconvenience of unpacking.

Bulk packaging

For large-scale users, the Cones are provided in firm, stylish cardboard boxes. The number of Cones per large package varies from 32 or 64 pieces (bulk mini) to 1,000 pieces. The boxes are resealable. The bulk mini boxes are also intended as consumer packaging for the “fanatical smoker”. The boxes can also be printed entirely according to your needs as a part of your own private label.