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Seed Cleaner at the Cannabis Cup

Reggae, Rasta hair and red eyes dominated the last day of the Cannabis Cup in Van Gendthallen.... read more

Top 10 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Top 10 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam The classic city of Amsterdam has coffeeshops on practically every... read more

Vibration Machine does the job

Demonstration on How to Use the Vibration Filling Machine for conical pre-rolled cigarette papers... read more

Ready to smoke in 38 seconds

We actually never applied for a Guinnes book of World-records entry, but we are convinced we would... read more

TY Expo 2012 Attack Of The Cones

There is enough for everyone... Arthur of Mountainhigh is being abused by the public... read more

Cones® Coolbox 120 Demonstration

The Coolbox 120 is a machine used to fill 120 Cones® Pre-Rolled Papers quickly and effectively.... read more

Our packaging system, Powerpack 3

Here you can watch us using our patented packaging system, the Powerpack 3. read more

A la Carte

You can pack your own pre-rolled cigarettes in a professional "single six ". This packaging system... read more

Produce over 100 pre-rolled in only 15 minutes!

Check out the video and see with your own eyes how easy this machine it makes to roll over 100... read more

Packaging Joints nice and clean

We did the thinking for you, here is a ready to Rock and Roll system for blistering your pre... read more

The Joy Box

The joy box is a manual device, that helps you to produce pre-rolleds in no time read more

Mach6, the filling Machine demonstration

Arthur demonstrates the Mountain High® Mach6 filling machine read more